How Do You Do Your Painting?

All of my canvases are painted with acrylics after extensive drawing with .05mm mechanical pencils. Even most of the painting is done with small stipple brushes. All of the drawing is done freehand by eye in a meditative fashion. There are no precision tools, compasses or tracing involved. None of it is done in Photoshop! The only digital processes involved are in reproduction.

What Are
The Reasons
For Buying
Your Art?


Raise the energetic level of your
personal or professional space.


Use as a meditation tool with specific intentions.


Receive subtle energies which serve to
heal, realign and harmonize your life experience.


Just for the beauty of the detail and introspective aspects of viewing art.


These original mandalic paintings are sacred art channeled by the artist, because there is an intention of healing imbued in their creation. These are tools of visual focus and intention. They are also energy centers.

What Is Your Art Best Suited For?

The Sacred Portal Shamandala™ Artwork functions well being hung in Yoga Studios, Retreat Centers & Healing Facilities. It has also been purchased for private collections in home display, where they are viewed as art and used as tools of conscious awakening, awareness and healing.

Will You Do Commissioned Custom Shamandala Artpieces?

Sacred Portal Shamandala™ Artwork pieces are custom fine art that magnetize and catalyze positive outcomes in the life and environment of the client and viewer. They serve as a visual vehicle for the manifestation of a desired shift as one might attract through prayer or a vision board - while providing unique beauty, a treasure for years to come.

Your art piece is custom created by hand, not digitally, and is intended to serve as a meditation piece for your personal highest good and the highest good of all who see it. Your sacred mandala art will have a harmonious, balancing effect on the energy of your office or household, in a way similar to the use of Reiki or employing Feng Shui techniques.

These intuitively channeled designs are derived via consultation with the client and Spirit, from which a big picture of your life can be determined, to support your greatest health, fortune, love and the fulfillment of your destiny.

Pieces are available in a variety of sizes to suit your space, aesthetics and budget.
Please contact the artist to proceed further.
Serious inquiries only.

Chakra Series: Canvas Giclees and Affordable Prints

(Examples below - click to see complete series)

"Roots Of Life" 2012

"Power Center" 2011

"Spawn and Thrive -
Life's Ripples Of Hope" 2012

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    Prints of my paintings
    on 8.5" x 11" media
    are available for $29.97 apiece.
    All artworks represented.

    I am available to paint
    on a commission basis.

    "I just want to say how much I loved looking at your work on your web site! Very beautiful, patient, and highly detailed! I appreciate the juxtaposition of realism and abstract, if that is an accurate description. It really appeals to me. I love surrealist fine art. Not that yours is surrealist, just that it seems to blend realism with the abstract of mind, body and spirit. Thanks for sharing! Also I've done quite a lot of reading on sacred geometry. Fascinating!
    Best to you,"
    ~ Carl Bower

    "I'm always so amazed
    at the gifts
    of visual artists like you.
    It's all magic and mystery to me!"
    ~ Susan V. Sinclair

    "Beautiful, love it,
    much symbolism shared here."
    ~ Bonnie Westerlund

    "I love your work!"
    ~ Michelle Morris Prince

    "Wow. Mark great work!
    Since I visited your home
    for one of your fab BBQ's,
    you have continued to excell... awesome...
    I saw a huge [energy] shift
    from your marvelous chakra drawings
    bringing such powerful healing to me,
    by just being in front of them.
    Hugs to you!"
    ~ Dori Weber

    "Beautiful work!"
    ~ Renee' Peggy Savant

    "This is really amazing!!
    The mandala in the middle
    both recedes and protrudes
    at the same time.
    Nice work with the dimensional tension."
    ("Ponderosa Web of Life")
    ~ Preston Fruge

    Last update 4/20/17.